The ABS 960 has been specifically designed to be easy to read, easy to operate, with everything in one compact, ergonomic, ‘mount anywhere’ unit.

The ABS 960 baggage scale unit with easy-to-read graphic and large font alpha numeric LCD screen is easy to install, calibrate and integrate.

Passenger friendly
Information for passengers is displayed on an easy to read, durable counter mounted display screen

Connections  and Ports
1 Local I/O Port
2 Scale Base Connector
3 Tamper Proof Setup Switches
4 Passenger Display connector
5 RS-232C Serial Port
6 7.5 VDC Power Input

Technically friendly
The ABS 960 has also been specifically designed to be easily installed and  integrated into existing systems with no complex re-wiring or technical incompatability. Connections and ports are clearly identified and easy to follow

Tomorrow’s technology today
The ABS 960 is not just a scale … it’s a new weigh of doing things – a brilliant piece of technology that will revolutionise airport baggage handling around the globe. Now airports can have the best of both worlds … a beautifully designed and built weighing system that also has the ability to integrate into the entire baggage handling process.

Brilliantly compatible Right from the early design and development stages of the ABS 960, one of the main criteria was perfecting easy installation and integration into existing static and conveyor scale systems. The result has been both brilliantly successful and brilliantly simple … the ABS 960 can multi-task to full capacity immediately, or can be used as a scale only until the many additional functions are required and accessed at a later dat.

The Atrax ABS 960 Baggage Scale
is a special-purpose scale designed specifically as a universal platform for use in performing baggage check-in functions for the airline industry. This unit sets the standard in what should be expected from a baggage scale and can truly be used in a “Fully Integrated” Check-in system

Graphics Display
The use of a full graphics LCD Operator panel allows for a number of innovations. Firstly the display to the operator is clear and concise, and can be displayed in the language of choice for the installation. Full control by the operator of contrast and backlight further enhances its performance.

Auto ranging power supply
Universal power adaptor. Conforms with all relevant safety & electrical regulation

Check out the ABS 960 advantages:

• Produced by the world’s leading specialised manufacturer
• Thousands of units installed in over 80 countries
• Specialised weighing technology for airport applications
• Finest quality design and engineering
• The latest highly advanced technology
• Handsome European styling and ergonomical design
• Robust, durable ABS construction
• Stainless steel fascia with scratch resistant acrylic lens
• Soft touch silicone keys for sensitive tactile feedback
• Permanent etched lettering that won’t rub off
• Excellent readability from a wide viewing angle and under variable lighting conditions
• Intersystem text messaging capability

• Scales are self diagnostic and report any errors in plain language
• Identifies problems and reports to operators/control room
• Rapid identification means faster repairs. Less downtime
• One centralised single Operator panel results in very compact unit
• Can be mounted anywhere, saving desk space
• Easy to install “plug and play”
• An extremely accurate and efficient weighing system
• Future proof – tomorrows technology today
• Designed to fully integrate with Baggage Handling System.
• Plus many more baggage handling capabilities

Not just a scale … the most advanced baggage handling technology …
A new weigh of doing things

Instant information
On the screen. Easy to read and at your fingertips. All the information you need with pinpoint accuracy. But it’s not just the standard weight details … the ABS 960 has the amazing ability to analyse, diagnose, detect and inform, instantly displaying any malfunctions in the conveyor control process. By letting the operators and the control room know the exact location of a problem, personnel or servicing can be directed to the trouble spot immediately, resulting in faster repairs and less downtime.

Hard wearing, soft to touch
The handsome European design and stainless steel fascia combines modern sophisticated styling and ergonomics with rugged, robust, durable construction. The lens is strong, scratch resistant acrylic. The keys are soft-touch silicone. Lettering is permanently marked into every key. Everything is at your fingertips on one centralised, compact, singlepanel unit that can be mounted anywhere, saving valuable desk space

Systems Engineering 

Atrax and our partners have a strong systems application engineering capability with specialist skills in software systems and mechanical design. Projects undertaken to date have included networking many scales back to a centralised computer for collection of information, use of handheld wireless Portable Data Terminals (PDT’s) for collection and interrogation of other process information, manipulation of the database and posting to the web and/or client host servers.

Although such systems are ideally suited to the Express courier/parcel industry they also have application in a wide range of other industries. Atrax has substantial capability in system design for scales, data collection and process control. It is not possible to detail all applications on a website, clients should contact Atrax with their project requirements.

Centre of Gravity Unit

The Centre of Gravity unit consists of 8 heavy-duty cargo loadcells (arranged as 4 pairs). Each pair of loadcells are wired into an Atrax junction box and then all 4 junction boxes are connected to a single 920i Indicator.

The indicator is supplied with highly specialised Atrax written software with performs a centre of gravity calculation. The indicator then displays both the weight on the scaledeck and a value in distance from a marked reference point on the deck.

The practical use is to allow the Airforce to attach parachutes to the containers at the correct point to remove the chance of overbalancing during descent and the ensuing damage to the cargo.

Shear Beam Load Cell & Mount Assembly

The Atrax model shear beam load cell and self aligning mount assembly can be used in a wide range of industrial weighing applications, and can convert most “structures” into a weighing system. Typical applications include large platform scales, scissors lift truck docks, ball mats, roller decks, Transfer Vehicles (TV’s) and Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV’s) in air cargo, express parcel and material handling operations. The load cell/mount combination is equally suited to tank, bin and hopper weighing applications in process industries.

A complete weighing system can be easily created with just a number of load cell mount assemblies, used in combination with the Atrax summing junction box and any one of the Atrax digital weight readouts.

More details and specifications

Compression Load Cell

The Atrax SSC series of compression (canister) load cells are an all stainless steel welded construction high strength precision load cell. Fully sealed to IP67 ensures years of trouble free service.

The load cell is available with or without mounting hardware and in a range of capacities from 500kg to 500tonne.

More details and specifications

Load Cell Summing Junction Box

The Atrax LC-650-JB Junction Box provides summation and calibration sensitivity matching for up to six load cells in a weighing system, and combines the weight signals into a single output. Installation and commissioning of your weighing system is made quick and easy through minimum interaction between loadcell channels and zero points, quick connect wire terminals, and 25 turn fine adjust trim-pots.

The unit is housed in a rugged, fully welded stainless steel enclosure with rubber gaskets and water proof cable glands. The printed circuit board is protected with a heavy duty moisture proof conformal coating. This makes the LC-650-JB suitable for all industrial weighing applications, indoor or outdoor.

More details and specifications

Heavy Duty Platform Scale

The Atrax Heavy Duty Platform scale deck is designed for rigorous use and high gross weights for airport cargo applications where accuracy and reliable weighing are essential. Suitable for drive over use with forklifts, airport tugs and dolleys and similar mobile equipment.

Typically mounted in shallow pits for flush with floor use but equally suited to above ground installations.  Available in a range of deck sizes and capacities.

More details and specifications

Low Profile Pancake Scale

Ultra low profile “pancake” scale for above ground use or installation into shallow pit. The low profile design allows the use of shallow gradient ramps on any or all four sides. When fitted with ramps the larger platforms will accept forklift,

tug and dolley traffic while pallet trucks and trolleys can be easily pushed by hand over the smaller platforms. Available in a range of deck sizes and capacities.

More details and specifications

Tally Roll Strip Printer

The Atrax strip printer is a versatile unit designed for printing on continuous rollpaper. After printing, the printed copy is either torn off against a tearbar or an internal auto cutter is used to separate the printed portion.


Already installed in a wide range of industrial and airport applications around the world where printing on continuous stationery is required. Can be used in unattended operations where a paper record is required.

More details and specifications

Installation, Commissioning and Field support.

We can offer a full installation and support service for all of our products and our team are well versed in operating in all areas of the globe.  We place extremely high standards on all of our Atrax service and support personnel and we demand the same standards from local service agents, who only act on our behalf after being thoroughly trained by Atrax. Wherever possible we insist that our agents have the relevant quality assurance certification.

For baggage applications the services we offer include (but are not limited to) installation of scale bases under customer supplied conveyors, full commissioning of the scale unit combined with calibration and obtaining the local Weights & Measures approval certification. Also if conveyor controls are included in the project, our engineers can wire, test and commission these options.

When the project is for a cargo/Courier site, we can fit individual scale components to your machinery, and configure and test the Digital weight Indicator (and Printer if supplied). Following the completion of the installation process, we can calibrate, test and obtain local Weights & Measures approvals (when required).

Backing up our engineers are a world-wide network of service and support agents, ensuring that your project is fully maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.